2021 AFP Design

How to Supply Artwork

If you are providing your own artwork, before you send it, please take time to work your way through our checklist, as this will avoid any unnecessary delays or additional costs. If your artwork doesn't meet all of the points raised below, you may find errors in your final print that we cannot be held responsible for

Lithographic Printing

• File should be published as a PDF (Compatibility PDF/X-1a), using the option “convert text/export text as curves/outlines/paths.” (Just embedding the fonts doesn’t always work)

• File is centred 1-up on a page. Leave the imposition to us

• All colours are CMYK

• Images are at least 300dpi resolution

• All layers are flattened (including transparencies)

• Elements intended to print to the very edge of your finished job, such as backgrounds, should extend 3mm beyond the trimmed edge

• Text and important graphics should be placed at least 3mm inside the trimmed edge

Hot Foil Printing

As above, except all elements to be foiled should be in 600dpi black only on a white background. Eg, if you want gold foil on a red plastic card, we don’t need text or images to be sent in gold on a red background, just tell us what colours you want when ordering.

Don’t worry if you are still unsure about sending your artwork in the correct format, as we are always here to help. We can accept various other types of file (including MS Word and Publisher - which many other printers won’t touch). Just send what you have and we’ll let you know if it is suitable. If there are any problems, we will do our best to guide you through and advise you how to change it. However please note that any changes required may delay overall production times, as “countdown time” on most orders can only commence from when the correct format is achieved.